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Stock Keeping Units (SKU)

To help you organize your articles, Rentle uses SKUs - Stock Keeping Units.

Stock Keeping Units are the way to connect products to your stores' inventory.
You can create SKUs via the New Stock Keeping Unit dialog. 

It is good to note, that one SKU can include multiple unique Inventory Articles with different specifications. So an SKU of "LARGE-EBIKE" could be attached to an Inventory Article that is a large Canyon e-bike, as well as a large Tunturi e-bike. 

Creating an SKU is simple, you only need to define a label, code, and the tracking type:

Label: Human readable label of your SKU

Code: The unique identifier of your SKU

Tracking type: The inventory type distinguishes whether you want to track products on an individual level for example with a serial number or not.


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  • A Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is the unique identifier of your Inventory Articles.
  • SKUs are used to track and group your inventory assets.
  • Use an SKU to define a distinct type of asset in your inventory.
  • Each article in your inventory will belong to one SKU.
  • Track usage of your inventory articles by defining the SKU as Individual or Bulk (total quantity of articles).