Using Rentle with Zapier

How to connect Rentle with Zapier to automate tasks.

Connecting Rentle to Zapier is easy even though Zapier does not yet have a Rentle app. You'll be able to use Rentle with Zapier with the help of webhooks.  

Note: To use this feature, make sure to upgrade your Rentle Plan to Build or Advance.

1. Create your new Zap in Zapier.

2. For the trigger of the new Zap, select Webhooks by Zapier:

Once you've created the trigger, Zapier will give you a unique URL to make POST requests to. You'll need this URL in the next steps. 

3. Create a new webhook in your Rentle Admin App and provide the URL you just received from Zapier. Here is how to create a webhook step by step

6. That's it! Zapier will now be notified every time the trigger event you selected in your webhook happens. You are now able to finish your Zap and determine what you would like to do when Rentle notifies Zapier.