Synchronize your Skidata Catalog

Learn how to synchronize your Skidata catalog with your Rentle account

With the integration, you can synchronize your Skidata catalog, manage which ski tickets are available for purchase in the Rentle online store, and sell them individually or offer them as an additional product with your rental equipment. Remember to synchronize your catalog each time you make any changes to it in the Skidata system.

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    What will be synchronized

    Synchronize your Skidata Catalog

    What will be synchronized

    Synchronize your Skidata catalog to have your offering up-to-date in Rentle. During the synchronization, we automatically create Rentle lift ticket products based on the following data from your Skidata account:

    • your lift ticket products
    • package products
    • ticket base prices
    • discount groups.

    Synchronize your Skidata catalog

    1. In your Rentle admin, navigate to Account  > Integrations.
    2. On the Skidata card, click to Synchronize catalog to fetch all your existing catalog products to Rentle.

      Below the Synchronize catalog, you can always find the date of the last account synchronization. 
    3. Once the catalog has been synchronized, a list of Discount groups (segments) that exist in Skidata will appear below. These groups affect only lift ticket products and you can toggle the visibility on and off to show or hide the discount group from your Rentle store.

    That's it! Your lift tickets, ticket segments and a lift ticket category have now been created in your Rentle Catalog

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