Setting up private activities and lessons

Setting up private activities and lessons How to create private lessons and activities in Rentle (e.g. private guided tours, private ski school instructions).


In addition to rental products, many of our customers in the outdoor industry also offer, for example, the possibility to schedule a private lesson with their ski instructor or to book a guided tour for a group of friends.

Selling these private lessons and activities is also possible through Rentle. To avoid double bookings, however, we suggest you to create such products as product packages. This happens by ticking the "product package" checkbox when creating a new product.

Into this product package you will include a resource, meaning a "guide" or an "instructor", that will take care of availabilities in the background. This is how you can ensure you don't accidentally end up selling too many lessons without any instructors to instruct them. Let's take a quick look at the "instructor" product's settings before jumping back into creating your private lesson package.

The product type is defined as "rental product", in order to manage availabilities through inventory settings. Within inventory management, you can define the number of instructors you have available for your classes. In this example, there is 1 instructor available to handle the instruction of private lessons. If your business offers a lot of private lessons and activities, and you have 5 instructors to instruct them, you can change the inventory of the “instructor” to 5.

From the settings tab, you will define the visibility of the product in the product listing as "hidden", because this product is only sold as an additional product within a product package – so the instructor product is not visible to the end-user in your store. All the other settings for this product can be left untouched (e.g. pricing, variants).

So, as you have an "instructor" for your private lesson, you are able to tie it to your package as an additional product.

From the pricing tab you can define the duration and the price for your lesson.

In the variants tab you are able to define the max group size for your private lessons, and a price increment tied to these group sizes. In this case, the price of a 60 min private ski lesson for one person is 53€, while for a group of 3 friends the cost is defined as 53€ + 42€ = 95€.

In the shopping cart view, the group size variants will show as follows:

In the settings tab of the product package, you can define products you want to upsell together with the private lesson (e.g. appropriate equipment for the activity), set the visibility of the lesson in different channels and choose what customer information you want to collect before the lesson starts (e.g. age, experience level). In the end, you can define when the reservations for your lesson can be made at the latest (e.g. 1 day before by 3pm) and choose fixed days or dates for your private lesson. You can also define the lessons or activities to be reservable according to your opening hours, for example with a start time interval of 1 hour.

By adding several private lessons with different durations or content to your offerings, and by tying all of these lessons to the same "instructor" product, you are able to stay in control of double-bookings. For example, if a customer reserves a 2-hour private ski instruction on a Monday at 10 am, another customer cannot make a reservation for a 1-hour class at 10 am nor at 11 am on that same day, because the instructor is booked by someone else from 10 to 12 am already. So your "instructor" product takes care of availabilities in the background, ensuring you don't need to handle double-bookings.

After going through these steps you are all set for selling your private lessons and activities online! Let us know if you need any help or want to provide us feedback from your experiences – we are eager to hear your comments!

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