Maintenance Time Block

What are maintenance times and how do they work?

Maintenance time overview

Commonly, most rental products require some sort of inspection after each rental. Rentle’s Maintenance time is the default duration a product stays blocked from your sales channels after it has been returned.

This buffer time can be set individually for each product and should be long enough to ensure store employees have enough time to check the condition of the product and prepare it for the next customer.

Please note, that setting the maintenance time does not take into account your store’s opening hours. So, if a product is returned upon store closing time, it may already be booked for the next morning. Please set maintenance times according to your business model and operational experience.

From Rentle Admin App, this maintenance time can be ignored and products can be booked despite overlapping the maintenance time of a previous booking.

How to set up a product maintenance time

Note: Changes to the maintenance time just affect future books and won't apply to any existing bookings you may have

  1. Install the Maintenance Time Block from your Rentle Block Store
  2. From your Rentle Admin, go to Catalog > Products > choose the product you want to set a maintenance time for > Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous settings card
  4. Define the maintenance time in minutes, hours, or days for the product

Here is an example

You rent mountain bikes and need 3 hours to clean and potentially repair those, therefore you set Rentle’s Maintenance Time to 3 hours. This way all rented bikes will be unavailable for any further booking during the rental period + 3 hours.

Booking 1:                   John Doe rents Bike from 10.00 - 13:00

Maintenance time 1:  13:00-16:00

Booking 2:                  Jane Smith rents Bike from 16:00-18:00

Maintenance time 2:  18:00-21:00