Your sales channels with Rentle

How to sell and rent your products and services using Rentle

With Rentle you can easily sell and rent your products and services in different sales channels. You decide yourself if you want to rent online only, sell just in-person, operate as a delivery-only business, or use all channels simultaneously. And don't worry, we track your inventory in real-time and availabilities in every sales channel so there will never be any double bookings.


Rentle has a free ready-made e-commerce website for you that can be used as a standalone site or embedded on your existing website.

Rentle's online store is fully responsive and customizable according to your brand, offering your customers the perfect booking experience on any device.

Learn more about getting started with online sales.

Selling in-person

In addition to e-commerce, Rentle enables you to rent and sell your products and services in person. Our commerce platform lets you serve walk-in customers, handle email and phone inquiries, as well as set up self-service check-in kiosks to speed up customer service in your offline premises.

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Expanding your reach with local deliveries to your customers. In addition to the traditional in-store pick-up model, Rentle supports you in offering local deliveries. You can also set up a pure ecommerce with delivery-only business with Rentle.

Learn more about getting started with deliveries.

Other sales channels

You can connect your Rentle online store with your social media channels or with your sales partners' channels. Ask for more information from our customer support.