Selling in multiple languages

How to translate your online store or check-in kiosk to multiple languages

If you have customers speaking in different languages, it might be worthwhile to translate your product catalog to the most common languages that your customers talk.

Before going to the translations, you must build your product catalog in your primary language. Once you have created your catalog, you can create translations for different languages.


Adding new languages

NOTE: To sell in multiple languages, you need to have a Languages add-on installed. By default, the add-on is a part of the Rentle Core plan and can be purchased separately for the Rentle Lite plan.

  1. From your Rentle admin, go to Account  > Languages
  2. Click Manage languages
  3. On the Update your languages modal, select the needed languages
  4. Click Update, be aware that for the Rentle Lite account, each additional language increases the subscription price

Doing translations

The user must provide the translated content for the product catalog or use a translator. Rentle can't create translations automatically. However, Rentle translates the fixed texts in the sales channels and emails automatically.

Step 1

Add a language you want to translate your catalog to.

Step 2

Set an original language to reflect the language in which you create your content.

Suppose you've filled in your product information in German, even though the Admin interface would be in English. In this case, your original language is German.

  1. From your Rentle admin, go to Account  > Languages.
  2. On the Original language card, select the language from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Translate your catalog and track your progress.

  1. From your Rentle admin, go to Account  > Languages > Translations tab.
  2. On the Select language card, select the language for which you want to add the translation.
  3. Select Products, Categories, or Stores card to start translating. Each card has a progress indicator to help find missing translations.
  4. On the appeared overlay, click on the section you want to translate.
  5. Add translations. All the changes you make on the page are autosaved.