Selling in multiple languages

How to translate your sales channels to multiple languages

If you serve customers that speak different languages, you might want to translate your product catalog to additional languages.

Before heading to the translations, you need to build your product catalog in your primary language first. Once you have created your catalog, you can enter translations for different languages.

Note: To add multiple languages to your sales channels, make sure you have either a Rentle Basic, Grow or Advanced plan: Rentle pricing plans

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How to add a new language

How to create translations

How to add a new language

  1. From your Rentle admin, go to Account  > Languages
  2. Choose the correct main language in which you will create your initial content in, e.g. when choosing "English" you choose to enter your product names and descriptions in English
  3. In the section enable languages click manage languages, select all required languages
  4. Click Save

How to create translations

The user must provide the translated content for the product catalog themselves or use a translator. Rentle can't create translations automatically. However, Rentle translates the fixed texts in the sales channels and emails automatically.

After adding at least one additional language to your language settings, you can start translating your catalog and track your progress as follows:

  1. In your Rentle Admin App, navigate to Account > Languages > Translations
  2. On the Select language card, select the language for which you want to add the translation.
  3. All content to translate is categorized below and you can select Products, Categories, Stores or more to start translating. Each card has a progress indicator to help find missing translations.
  4. When clicking one section, an overlay appears, in which you can click on the section you want to translate.
  5. Enter translations. All the changes you make on the page are automatically saved.


A list of all currently supported languages you can find from here -->