Editing prices based on the sales channel

How to adjust a product's price based on the sales channel

First, head over to the settings of the product you want to edit and choose Pricing. If you don't have defined your default prices yet, in this article, we explain how to create pricing tables from scratch.

In the image below, you can see the different alternatives you can choose to have for channel-specific pricing. In this example, let's observe the two top rows.

If you want to offer a lower price for one-day rentals for customers who make their reservations online, you have to create two price variants for the one-day rental. First, select the in-store channels (admin, self-service) and fill in the price. For the second row, select online from the drop-down menu, and define the channel-specific price based on your pricing policy.


That's it. With the same logic, create channel-specific prices for all the pricing variants that you want. You can also hide different durations from different channels, for example, if you don't want to get less than one-day reservations through your online store.