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Managing your business

How to simplify your daily operations and manage your business in one place

Rentle is a commerce platform for selling access to durable goods. In our platform, businesses can manage their:

Sales channels

Sell and rent your products and services anywhere and anytime. Rentle provides you with all the sales channels you need to sell online and in-store.

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Managing your orders

Rentle makes your order management smooth and simple. With all your sales channels connected, your customers will enjoy a quicker unified service, and you can stay a few steps ahead.

Always know what happens next and how many customers are currently using your equipment.

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Managing your inventory

When you rent items, your inventory status should never be unknown. In Rentle, you can track your equipment individually or based on quantities, add buffer times before and after rentals, and access the usage history of each product.

Rentle automatically keeps your inventory up to date in real-time, whether you rent out individual products or combined packages.

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Store management

Rentle is designed to fit your needs. It is your decision how many admin and check-in stations you want to set up in your store, how to build your product catalogue and present them in your sales channels, and what kind of custom rules you create to keep your day-to-day flowing.

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Accept payments easily with Rentle Payments or an integrated third-party payment provider. Get access to features like automatic security deposits, rental extensions, and more.

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