Creating reservations for the future

How to create new reservations for your customers

From your Rentle Admin you can easily process booking inquiries you receive for instance through email or phone. You can create whole reservations from start to finish or prepare a reservation and send it to your customer for completion.

Creating orders for an immediate start is outlined in another article -->

Note: To manually create orders, make sure you have either a Rentle Grow or Advanced plan: Rentle pricing plans

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How to create an order for the future

Limitations and more information

How to create an order for the future

  1. In your Rentle Admin navigate to Create Booking on the top bar
  2. Select Reserve
  3. Choose the rental duration* by selecting the start date and the duration from the dropdown field*
  4. Select the products by clicking on the respective product. If the selected product is available in multiple variants, another window will open from which you select the correct variant.
    • You can filter your products by category from the All products dropdown
    • You can add multiple persons and assign products to each one
    • You can apply a discount by clicking the % icon

  5. Save the reservation by clicking Save order. 
    Read here how to send booking links instead -->
  6. Fill in the contact details of the customer. Note, that you can edit the information later as well.
  7. The reservation will now appear on your Upcoming Orders page and is ready to be edited and fulfilled when the time comes.

Limitations and more information


Currently, just rental products are available in the manual order creation. Delivery, Sales & Subscription products are not available yet.


*Choosing the rental duration

The displayed durations in the dropdown are based on the rental periods you have defined in your pricing tables. You can override your predefined duration by selecting the order Starts and Ends manually.

It is recommended to always confirm whether the displayed total sum in an order is correct. Remember that you can always edit order duration and price after you have entered the order manually.