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Inventory types explained

What are bulk and individual inventory types

The inventory type distinguishes whether you want to track products on an individual level for example with a serial number or not. A good rule of thumb is that products that require regular maintenance are tracked on an individual level and additional products tracked as bulk.

You can choose the inventory type when you create a new product. You can always change the inventory type later by going to the Products page, selecting the product. and choosing the Inventory tab.

NOTE: By changing inventory type from individual to bulk, will erase the product identifier codes.

Individual products: For individual products you can set individual product tracking codes (e.g. serial number or barcode). This enables tracking how many times an individual product has been rented out, which is important if the product requires more precise service or inspection on a regular basis. Rentle creates individual product a tracking codes automatically but you can modify them afterwards.

NOTE: Rentle supports barcodes.

Bulk products:
Bulk products are usually additional products, which don't require as exact tracking as the individual products. When you use bulk inventory type, you stay aware how many products are on rent and how many are available. However, you can't recognise the movements of an individual product.