DIN settings block

Start automatically calculating DIN value for a product.

DIN value is an important issue when renting out skis. In Rentle you can mark DIN value for your products, and even make the calculation automatic to make renting out even faster.


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Enable DIN value calculation


1.  Install the Din settings block from your Rentle Block Store

2. In your Rentle Admin, go to the Products > General settings

3. Switch on the "Mark DIN values for ski products".


3. From here you are able to either choose to use "Manual input" or "Automatic calculation". 

  • With manual input, you always have to mark and calculate the DIN value yourself. This is useful if you wish to use some other formula than provided by Rentle.
  • With automatic calculation, you need only to worry about filling the products you are giving out to each customer. The DIN value is then calculated automatically according to user information and the used DIN formula.

4. Choose the products from which you wish to collect DIN value from "What are your ski products to collect DIN from?". Usually, these are your alpine ski products, where you set the DIN always when you rent them out.

Tip: If you wish to have DIN calculated also for products like skiing boots, choose them also here. This way, if a client rents only boots, they will still be asked all the needed information for the DIN calculation.

5. Choose the boots to be used with products at "What are your ski bot products to be used for calculating DIN?". As in many formulas, the DIN value is dependent on the sole length of the boot, Rentle needs to be able to fetch this information from your inventory to calculate the DIN.

All right, now you are all ready to go! ✌️

How will this affect the consumer experience?

Currently, we offer only Atomic's DIN formula. For this to be calculated the formula uses the following information:

  • Age group
  • Experience level
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Sole length of the boot

Also, we ask for the following, to help you pick the right boot for the customer:

  • Shoe size

This information will now automatically be asked from your customers, who are renting products that you've defined to use DIN value. This is done in every sales channel (admin dashboard, booking links, online shop, and check-in kiosk).

Be aware: Rentle needs the sole length for the boots to calculate the DIN. Make sure that you've filled this information in your inventory to all of your ski boot products.