Embedding Rentle on a Squarespace website

How to embed your Rentle online store on a website built with Squarespace

This guide will show you how to add Rentle to your Squarespace website. See here for the directions on other platforms, such as WordPress or Wix.

Note: At the time of writing this guide, you'll need to be on a Business or Commerce Squarespace plan to be able to use embedded content on your site.

Log in to your website on Squarespace, and go Edit the page where you want to embed your Rentle store.

In this example, we want our Rentle store to be shown under the header image, so let's add a new section by clicking the Add Section button below the image.

In the menu that opens up, click Add Blank +, and you should get a new blank section on your page.

Click one of the icons within this new section to add a new block. Within the menu that opens up, select Code.

In the dialog that opens, make sure the options are set to:

  • Mode: HTML
  • Display Source Code: off

Then, enter the following code snippet in the text box:


In the snippet, change the URL after src=" to the URL of your own online store. You can also adjust the height="1000px" property to something else, depending on what best fits the layout of your website.

The result could look like this, for example:

Close the dialog, and you are done! You now have Rentle embedded on your Squarespace website. Well done!