How to create sales products in Rentle

Your products in Rentle can either be available as sales products or bookable products. The same product can also include both options, allowing your customers to choose whether to book or buy the product. This article will guide you when creating products for goods or services that or sold. 

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How to create a new sales product

Edit an existing product to make it available as a sales product

Adjusting inventory quantity for a sales product


Note: Sales products can only currently be booked from your online store and they are not yet available to added to orders through your Rentle Admin create a booking view. 

Note: Sales products are not yet supported with deliveries.

How to create a new sales product

  1. From your product catalogue click on new product. 
  2. To create a sales product, define a sales price for it. 

  3. Leave the Booking price empty if you don't want to offer the same product available for bookings or add a booking price to let your customers choose wether to buy or book your product. 
  4. Add all other required information and click Create product
  5. Under the product's pricing settings you'll be able to edit whether the product is available as a sales or a bookable product.


Edit an existing product to make it available as a sales product

  1. From your product catalogue, open the product you would like to edit. 
  2. Click on the Pricing tab and then click on the Sales tab.
  3. To have this product available as a sales product, turn on the Sales toggle and give your product a price. 
  4. After saving your changes, you'll notice a "For sale" tag appear under the product name. 

  5. If you would like to disable bookings for this product, under the Bookings tab you can set the Bookings toggle off. 


Adjusting inventory quantity for a sales product

Adjusting the product quantity for a sales product works in a similar way as for bookable products. The following guide will go into more detail on this: Connecting products to inventory

  1. From your product's settings, open the Availability tab
  2. Click on Connect to inventory
  3. Choose the inventory SKU which you would like to define the products available quantity. Check this guide for learning about your inventory: Inventory overview 

  4. You'll now see how many articles you'll have available for sale and to be booked from your inventory

    Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 10.13.34

  5. For creating articles in your inventory, check out the following guide: Creating an article