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Customize general theme settings

How to customize general theme settings and add a header and footer to your Rentle store

In your Rentle Admin App open your customizer via Settings > Online Store and select General on the top left dropdown Menu. Here you can change your theme settings, and add a header, and a footer.

Theme settings

Here you can change your Rentle Store's favicon, which shall be displayed in your customers' browser tabs as opposed to the Rentle logo. You can choose your company logo or any other image that suits your business.


In the header section you can change the logo placement to left or centered. Changing this will also move your Menu accordingly.

You can also change the size of your logo by scaling its width.



Your Rentle store's footer will by default display your accepted online payment methods as well as the applicable copyright. The copyright is always displayed as © YYYY Your Company Name. On Rentle Free the supplement Powered by Rentle is added. 

Via the customizer, you can add a short section about your company, enable the menu with quick links to the different pages of your Rentle store as well as add external links to e.g. your social media presence.


Add a heading about this section as well as the text to be displayed in the footer


Toggle on the option to show the menu to the other pages of your Rentle store in the footer. Feel free to give the menu a custom heading.


Add links to external services such as your social media presences by adding a heading and the respective URL. Again you can enter your own heading for this section.


Customize your homepage layout ->

Customize your about page ->