Fulfilling rental orders

How to fulfill rental orders and assign products to the bookings

Fulfilling rental orders in Rentle is a simple process and follows the same steps regardless of the sales channel (with a few exceptions). Start by heading to your Orders page.

To assign equipment to a rental order, open the order you want the equipment to be assigned. The view should look something like the image below but may vary depending on the product and the shop's settings.order-fulfilment

Assigning can be done by scanning barcodes or selecting the correct IDs from the dropdown list. Barcodes become convenient once you have many articles in the inventory.

The system automatically recommends suitable IDs based on the equipment and variant selections. Moreover, if you choose an ID that doesn't match the original selections, the system automatically updates the equipment selection to match the selected ID.

Note: For ski rentals, the system automatically calculates the correct DIN value based on the customer and equipment information.