Editing active orders

How to edit an active order

Sometimes rental shops face a situation where a customer would like to shorten or lengthen the rental period during the active rental. Or, customers can politely inform rental shops that they will be a little bit late from the initially agreed return time. Whatever the case is, sometimes as a rental shop employee you must be able to edit the duration of rental and return time on the fly.

Editing the duration and return time of active rentals can be done on the Rentals page and opening the rental you want to edit.

Option 1 - Changing the duration and updating the price

If a customer calls you and lets you know that she would like to continue the rental period by one day, the best solution is to edit the duration. On the left side in the image above, you see the drop-down menu Duration and pricing. Using this menu instead of editing the end time will also update the price.

Option 2 - Editing the end time without updating the price

Editing only the return time without updating the price might become relevant if a customer is delayed from the return for human reasons and lets you know that in advance. Editing only the return time without updating the price can be done using the End time drop-down menu.

Updated 3.6.2020

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