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Customizing a store

How to customize your Rentle stores

When working with multiple stores, it helps to understand what settings you can customize for each store and what settings apply to your whole Rentle account. 

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Overview to store level vs. account level settings

What are shared products? 

How to share and hide products from stores? 


Overview to store level vs. account level settings

  Store specific Shared for all stores Additional details Link to settings
Store settings        
General settings   store name, channel visibility, address, contact details General settings
Opening hours Opening hours can either be store specific or shared across stores Opening hours
Sales channel settings     Channels
Product settings        

Products can either be store specific or shared across stores

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Categories   Categories are shared for all stores.  Categories
Discount codes     Discount codes
Cancellation policy     Cancellation policy
Inventory SKU's   SKU's are shared across all stores Inventory SKU's
Inventory Articles   Inventory articles exist in a single store but the store location can be changed. Inventory articles
Delivery settings     Delivery settings
Account settings   Account settings include settings such as regional formats, payments, languages 

View more by opening the account settings link.
Account settings


What are shared products?

A shared product is a product which is available in more than 1 of your stores. 

Note: When viewing your products listing, by default only the products available in the store you are using are visible. 

A shared product can be identified by the Shared tag: 

Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 8.16.39

Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 8.18.50


How to share and hide products from stores?  

Here's how to define which stores your product is available at: 

  1. Open the product to edit from your products view
  2. Open the settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to a section called Visibility
  4. If you have multiple stores, this section will show each store and whether the product is visible or hidden in each store. 
  5. Click on the visibility status to change it. 
  6. Remember to save your changes.

Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 8.26.18