Customize start times for a product

How to create bookable slots by customizing possible start times

By default the products you create in Rentle are bookable every hour within your opening hours. There might however be many cases in which you would like to customize the possible start times. For example you might want to only have a morning (9:00) and afternoon (13:00) pick-up available for your products. 

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Editing start times

How are start times visible in your online store

Editing start times 

1. Navigate to the product that you would like to adjust the setting for. 

2. Click on the settings tab and scroll down to a section called Advanced settings

3. Under the start time heading you'll be able to adjust the start times. 

4. To achieve the example explained above, set the start times to use fixed start times

5. Create more rows to create multiple start time options.

6. You'll now be able to completely customize the available start times.

7. Remember to save the settings.


Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 8.58.02


How are start times visible in your online store. 

Once you have edited your possible start times you can open your online store to ensure the settings are as you intended. The following image shows you where the start times are available for your customers to choose: 

Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 9.02.21