Creating webhooks

How to create new webhooks and connect Rentle with other apps

Webhooks are a powerful tool for building custom integrations where external services need to react to events happening in your Rentle store.

Included in Rentle Basic, Grow & Advanced

To start using webhooks, make sure you have either a Rentle Basic, Grow or Advanced plan: Rentle pricing plans

To create new webhooks in Rentle, navigate to the Integrations page under Account > Integrations.

Next, in the Webhooks section, click "Add webhook" to begin creating your first webhook.

Define the trigger event

In the webhook creator, the first thing you should choose is which event you would like to trigger the webhook. For this example, let's select the "Order started" and click "Next".

Configure URLs

The next thing you need to configure is which URL you would like the webhook to notify when the selected event occurs (in this case, when the order is started).

Usually, this URL is provided by the service you are integrating with - for example, Zapier or Integrately. A single webhook can notify up to 5 different URLs.

Test your webhooks

For testing purposes, you can get a URL from

Copy the URL shown under "Your unique URL", paste that into the URL field and click "Add". Once you've added the URL, click "Next" to continue to the next step.

Now, let's test that our webhook correctly notifies the target service. In this step, you can inspect your webhook's data each time an order is started. Click "Send test request" to send this data to the URL you provided earlier.

After a brief wait, you should see that the webhook successfully sent your data to the provided URL. You can verify that URL received the data by going back to and seeing the data there in the request explorer:

Label your webhook

Finally, give your webhook a label that describes what it does. After you've entered a label, click "Create webhook" to create your webhook. After closing the wizard, you'll see your new webhook in the list.