Creating a sales product

How to create a product to be available for sale in your channels

Your products in Rentle can be available either for sale or for rent. You can also offer the same product with both options, so your customers can choose whether to rent or buy. This article will guide you when creating products for goods or services that or sold. 

On this page

How to create a new sales product

Edit an existing product to make it available as a sales product

Connect your inventory to the sales product

Note: Sales products can currently only be booked from your online store and are not yet available through your Rentle Admin manual order creation.

Note: Sales products are not yet supported with deliveries.

How to create a new sales product

  1. From your catalog select new product. 
  2. Enter at least the product name and scroll down to define a sales price for it. 

  3. You can already select the category to display the product in, provide a description and pictures of it. You can however always add those at a later point
    Click Create product
  4. Connect your Product to your Inventory in the Availability tab
  5. Set your Product's Status in the General tab on Public and save

Now you are all set to sell

Edit an existing product to make it available as a sales product

  1. From your catalog, open the product you would like to edit. 
  2. Click on the Pricing tab and then click on the Sales tab.
  3. Turn on the Sales toggle and give your product a sales price.
  4. Confirm your connection to the inventory is set up correctly in the Availability tab
  5. Remember to save your changes

  6. If you would like to stop offering the product for rent, you can switch it off under the Bookings tab. The same applies to Subscriptions of course.
  7. Under the product name the tags will tell you how you currently offer this product.

Connect your inventory to the sales product

Connecting sales products to the inventory works the same way as for rental products. 

  1. In your product, open the Availability tab
  2. Click on Connect to inventory
  3. (a) If your inventory is already set up, choose an existing inventory SKU from the dropdown menu or (b) click + Create new SKU and insert how many articles you have for Sale 

  4. Click to Add the Items
  5. You'll now see how many single articles of this product you have in stock and how many of those are for sale and for rent


A more thorough & detailed guide on connecting products to inventory can be found in another article.