Creating & editing product categories

How to organize your product catalogue with categories

Product categories are a way to organize your product catalogue both in your sales channels and store management system. In addition to organizing the catalogue, categories also work as filers in your online store.

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On this page:

Creating product categories

Deleting a product category

Category settings


Creating product categories

There are two ways to create new product categories.

You can create a new category while you create a new product. Simply write the name of the new product category to the field and click Create category to confirm. You can later edit the category details in Product > Categories.

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Another way of creating categories is through the Category page. Go to Product > Categories and click New category.

Deleting a product category

To delete a product category: 

1. Navigate and open the category you would like to delete. 
2. Click on the More button on the top right corner of the view
3. A Delete category action will appear for you. 

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Category settings

You can customize the settings of each category.

Basic information

In addition to the name and description of the category, you can add an image for each category. The image is shown on your check-in kiosks and internal product listing.

Advanced settings

For each category, you can define a specific rule on how much in advance your customers have to make the booking for the products in the particular category.

Note: Any advanced settings you define on individual product pages will override the rules defined on the category settings page.

You can also upload custom terms of use documents for each category if the terms of use vary a lot between your categories.

Changing the order