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Creating categories

How to organize your product catalog with categories

Product categories are a way to organize your product catalog both in your sales channels and store management system. In addition to organizing the catalogue, categories also work as filters in your online store.

On this page:

1. Creating product categories

2. Deleting a product category

1. Creating product categories

Product Categories can easily be created from your Catalog.

  1. Navigate to your Catalog > Categories
  2. Click New category
  3. Enter a name and click create category
  4. Your new category is now created and you can 
    1. edit the name
    2. add a description
    3. add an image
    4. * if the Category terms block is active, you can set your category specific terms & conditions here
    5. set category specific online booking buffer for how much in advance your customers must place their orders for products in this category

Note: Online booking buffers defined on product level will override the rules defined on category level

New categories can also be created while creating a new product. Simply type the name of the new category to the field and click + Create category to confirm. You can later edit the category details from your Catalog > Categories

2. Deleting a product category

  1. Navigate to the category you would like to delete
  2. Click on the More button on the top right corner
  3. Choose Delete category 

    Deleting a category does not remove the products with the category.


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