Creating orders for immediate start

How to serve walk-in customers by creating orders through Rentle Admin

When customers arrive at your shop without a reservation, you can enter the order on their behalf through your Rentle Admin.

Note: To use this feature, make sure to upgrade your Rentle Plan to Discover, Build, or Advance.

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How to create an order for immediate start

Limitations and more information

Details on selecting the order duration

How to create an order for immediate start

  1. In your Rentle Admin navigate to Create Booking on the top bar
  2. Select Book now 
  3. Choose the duration of the booking*
  4. Select the products by clicking on the respective product. If the selected product is available in multiple variants, another window will open from which you select the correct variant.
    • You can filter your products by category from the All products dropdown
    • You can add multiple persons and assign products to each one
    • You can apply a discount by clicking the % icon

  5. Double-check that everything is correct and click continue.
  6. Select the contact person for the entire order, and fill in the necessary customer information. Then click Confirm booking.

  7. Finalize the order as usual:  Assign the article IDs , handle the payment and start the order by clicking Start. 
    Learn more about order fulfilment -->


Limitations and more information

Currently, just rental products are available in the manual order creation.

Delivery, Sales & Subscription products are not yet available.

Details on selecting the order duration

* Choosing the order duration

Order duration can also be chosen after selecting the products.

Note that choosing the order duration before selecting the products will show you the immediate availability of all products for this duration. The duration dropdown will however also show you all the rental periods you have defined in all your products' pricing tables. Thus it is possible that you may book a product for a time frame for which you haven't defined a price. 

Here is an example:

Presume you have two products for rent: A blue dress and a red dress.

  • For your Blue Dress, you have created a pricing option for a "2 week" rental
  • For your "Red Dress" you have only set prices for "1 day", "2 day" and "3 day" rentals 

In the manual order creation you are now able to select the order duration "2 weeks" first and then choose the "Red Dress", even though you haven't defined a price for this duration. Rentle will extrapolate your pricing according to the existing pricing of each product. It is recommended to always confirm whether the displayed total sum in an order is correct. Remember that you can always edit order duration and price after you have entered the order manually.