Creating a rental product

How to create a product

Your products in Rentle can be offered as rental products, services to be booked or sales products. The main difference between these product types are: 

  • Rental & service products: prices are defined based on the duration the product is booked for and you expect the item to return to your inventory
  • Sales products: product is given a fixed price and you don't expect the item to return to your inventory
Creating new products starts on the product page and clicking the New product button. However, the process varies depending on the type of product you are creating. In this article, we'll focus on creating an individual product. Find instructions on how to create other product types below:

Create a new product

To get started, go to the Product page and click New product. In the first step, you're asked to fill in the basic information about the product. All the information can be fulfilled and edited later.

  • Give the product a name
  • Add the product into an existing category or create a new category
  • Define the products pricing. You are able to give it a booking price or sales price depending on the type of the product.
  • Booking prices are prices for using the product or service for a specific time period 
  • A sales price is a fixed price for sales products (The product is not bookable or rentable)
  • A product can have both a sales price and booking price which means that your customers will be able to choose wether to rent or buy the product. 
  • Define the tax rate for the product
  • Choose the stores where the product is available

Adding the details

Once you have created the "raw version" of the product, it's time to add all the missing information and tune the pricing, inventory, and settings.

Edit the basic information

Product details include partly the same information you filled out in the first step of creating a product. However, you can also add an image and description to the product. This affects how your product appears in your sales channels and gives your customers a better overview of the product.

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Edit pricing

Based on the base price you defined in the first step of creating a new product, you have a prefilled pricing table created for the product. You can now edit and fulfill the missing price details.

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Create variants

Product variants are different versions, for example, sizes of the same product. You can create variants by choosing the Variants tab.

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Add inventory

Adding stock to your inventory defines the availabilities of your products in different sales channels and prevents double bookings. If you don't define the stock levels, you have an unlimited amount of products available in your online store and other sales channels.

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Recommend additional products

You can automatically recommend additional products relevant to the mother product to grow the average shopping cart size.

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Adjust the visibility

You can adjust the visibility of any product in any sales channel. For example, you can hide any of your products from your online store but still rent them out in person.

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Defining security deposit

Rentle's automatic security deposits are a great way to manage the risk of any unexpected events and monetary loss. You can define the deposit individually for each product.

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Ask for relevant information before the booking

Sometimes it is necessary to ask personal information from the customers to be able to prepare the equipment for the booking. Define the information you want to ask your customers at the checkout.

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