Connecting products to inventory

Building your inventory is one of the core tasks when starting to use Rentle. It allows you to create and manage your shop's products' availabilities. In this article, we'll look at an example of how to connect a product with your inventory.

As a prerequisite follow the article creation and variants creation, and you'll be all set to connect a product to the inventory.

An article is a physical item that is available to be booked by your customers.
Variants are different versions of the same product.

In this example, we've created three variants for a Mountain Bike product: small, medium, and large.


Availability tab

With the different variants set up, navigate to the Availability tab of your product page. When a product is not yet connected to inventory, you'll see a button labeled Connect to inventory. By clicking this button we get a list of our product variants with the ability to Choose SKU for each.

Untitled (1)

Untitled (2)

Untitled (8)


When you connect a variant to an SKU you can see an In stock: x label under the selection. This label indicates the current inventory quantity status of the connected SKU. We can verify this because we created 10 small, 5 medium, and 5 large inventory articles. Remember that you always connect an inventory article to an SKU. So in a way SKUs work as a link between your product variants and your inventory articles!

Untitled (9)

Our mountain bike product now is connected to the inventory and can utilize availability across different Rentle channels.

Let's quickly recap the different steps of connecting a product to the inventory:

  1. Create a product and variants
  2. Click connect to Inventory
  3. Connect each variant to corresponding SKUs

It’s important to highlight that there is no limit to how many different products you can connect to a single SKU. This means that specific inventory articles, and their availability can be shared across different products. For example, we could create a Bike Tour product that could be connected to the same Mountain Bike SKUs defined in this article.