Adding custom fields to your online store checkout form

How to enable open-ended custom fields to get information from your customers at checkout

checkout form
Adding the custom field to your online store checkout form

  1. Go to store Settings

  2. Navigate to the Channels tab

  3. There you can find the Checkout section

  4. Click Show custom field toggle

checkout settings

This field allows you to create and choose the form label that will be visible in the checkout form. You are also able to select if the field is required or not. So if the customer leaves it empty when the field has been marked as required, they can't continue the checkout before filling in the details.

How to see the customers' comments

  1. In the Bookings view, you can now see on each card if there is a comment attached to that booking. This also includes comments left by the staff or admins.

  2. To see the comment open the booking and find the comments in the sidebar. 




  3. Click open the comment dialog, and the label and the customer's input to the comment will be visible.

  4. You can still add your own comment to the booking as before by leaving a Staff comment.