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Checklist for setting up your account basics

Before you start accepting orders from you customers ensure that your account's basic settings are correct.

☑️ Add your business details Learn how
☑️ Change your currency Learn how
☑️ Set up your VAT and sales tax levels Learn how
☑️ Ensure your store's timezone is correct  Learn how
☑️ Set up your date and time format Learn how


How to add your business information

Ensure your business information is up to date as they are visible for your customers in your sales channels, transactional emails and receipts. 

  1. From your Rentle Admin App, click Account and General to go to the General settings page. 
  2. Scroll down to the Business information section
  3. Edit your information and save changes.

Note: By default, this information is printed on the invoices Rentle sends you for using the service. If you wish to have different details on your invoices edit your billing details from your account's billing page