Checklist: your first product

Learn how to create your first product and how your customers can order it online

What products you're going to sell & rent is the most important choice you'll make for your store. Follow this guide to get a feel for creating products with Rentle and test how they can be purchased from your hosted online store. 

Create your first product and test order

check Create your free Rentle account (if you haven't yet) Create account
check Create your first product Learn how
check Add your first payment method Learn how
check View your online store Learn how
check Create an order from your store Learn how
check View the order in your Rentle Admin App.  Learn how
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Note: The menu section Product is now called Catalog

How to create your first product

Here's how to create a simple product for your first test order. You'll be able to change and adjust all settings later. 

  1. From your Rentle Admin App, click Catalog in the left Menu Bar to open the Products page 
  2. From the Products page, click New Product on the top right
  3. Add the following basic information for your product 
    1. Product name
    2. Pricing
    3. you can also add a product category, description, and image already

4.   Click Create Product

That's it! You have just created your first product! For now, just change the status of your product from hidden to Public, so it is visible in your online store.

The following section will help you building your product catalogue in more detail: Customizing your product catalogue

How to add your first payment method

Setting up your payments is a key step in launching your online store. 

For your first test order we recommend adding an in-store payment as a first step to see your booking process in action: 

  1. From your Rentle Admin App, click Account and then Payments to view the Payments page
  2. Scroll to the Manual payment methods section
  3. Activate the Pay in-store method

    That's it! Your online store checkout is now ready for your first test order. 

The Payments overview guide will give you a more in-depth view to payment method possibilities including online payments. 

View your online store

Customizing your online store and having a complete product catalogue is a key step before launching. 

To view your online store: 

  1. On the home page of your Rentle Admin App, you'll see a button Online Store on the top right corner.

    Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 11.37.47

  2. Click the Online Store button. 

    That's it! You now see your online store from your customers' perspective and are ready to place your first test order. 
At this stage your store may still feel empty but the following section will help you customize it further: customizing your online store

Create an order from your store

Rentle's simple and intuitive design is easy to understand, regardless of your customers experience with online stores. 

Here is how your basic customer journey in your online store will look like:

  1. Choose your just created Product
  2. Choose duration
  3. Choose start time from the calendar
  4. Click Add to Bag
    1. The bag will open automatically with an overview of all placed bookings
  5. Proceed to Checkout
  6. Fill in Contact Details and select Pay on pickup
  7. Click Confirm

    That's it! You have just placed your first test order. In your email inbox you have now received an order confirmation how your customers will receive them. Additionally , you have received a confirmation to your provided store email informing you about a new order!
Let's have a look at the order from your Rentle Admin App next.

View the order in your Rentle Admin App. 

Here is how to view and fulfill your orders: 

  1. From your Rentle Admin App , click Orders to go to the Orders page
  2. The Upcoming section displays all of your upcoming orders, regardless of the sales channel it has been created from. 
  3. Click the test order you just created to view details.
    1. Here you can mark the order as paid
    2. click start to fulfil the order
  4. Great! You've now created your first product and test order. 

For more information about order fulfilment, editing, managing and returning bookings head over to our Order Overview.

You can also proceed with thoroughly building your product catalog or bringing your entire inventory to Rentle.