Available languages

What languages are currently available in Rentle

Currently, Rentle supports six different languages for the you and your team in the admin interface. A total of 18 languages is available for your customers to be displayed in your sales channels.

Rentle Free is just available in one of the six languages available for both, the Admin as well as the Sales Channels. You can change this main language anytime but to add multiple languages at the same time, make sure you have either a Rentle Basic, Grow or Advanced plan: Rentle pricing plans



Admin Language

for you and your team

Sales Channel Language

for your customers

Czech checkmark checkmark
Danish   checkmark
Dutch   checkmark
English checkmark checkmark
Estonian checkmark checkmark
Finnish checkmark checkmark
French   checkmark
German checkmark checkmark
Hungarian   checkmark
Italian   checkmark
Lithuanian   checkmark
Norwegian   checkmark
Polish   checkmark
Russian   checkmark
Slovak   checkmark
Slovenian   checkmark
Spanish checkmark checkmark
Swedish   checkmark