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Adding new stores

How to add multiple stores to your Rentle account

Included in Rentle Basic, Grow & Advanced

To add multiple stores to your Rentle Acccount, make sure you have either a Rentle Basic, Grow or Advanced plan: Rentle pricing plans

To learn what is possible with managing multiple stores in Rentle, read our Overview to managing multiple stores

Here's how to add a new store: 

  1. From your Account settings open Stores
  2. Click on new store
  3. Give the store a name (you'll be able to edit this later on)
  4. Click on create store

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 9.06.12

What to ensure next: 

  1. By default, your existing shared products will be visible in the new store. 
  2. Learn how to customize a store to ensure all settings are correct. 
  3. Learn about managing multiple stores in your Rentle account