Adding and removing people from a booking

How to add and remove people from a booking

Adding people to a booking

Sometimes you need to add more people to a booking after the booking is already created. You can add people to an existing booking by going to your Bookings page and selecting the booking you want to edit.

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  • In the single booking view, click the + icon above the list of people included in the booking. See the first image.
  • Next, you need to select the equipment for the person you want to add to the booking and fill in her details. See the second image.
  • Once you have added the new person and products, the booking and price are updated. Note that once you add a new person and products to a booking, the payment and security deposit statuses change to unpaid and unreserved. When you add people to a booking afterward, you need to handle the payment and reserve the possible deposit manually in the store. See the third image.

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Removing people from a booking

Removing people from a booking can also be done on the single booking page. So, head to the Bookings page and select the booking from which you want to remove people.

Note: You should only remove people from a booking when they cancel their visit completely. If a person returns her equipment earlier than the other people in the booking but still has been your customer, you can mark those equipment returned rather than remove the person from the booking.

  • Click the three dots next to the name of the person you want to delete from the booking and click Delete. See the first image.
  • If the person removed from the booking had paid in advance, you can make a payment refund by clicking Payment overview on the right side of the screen. See the second image.
  • On the Payment overview page, you can make refunds and release deposits. See the third image.

Note: When the payment has been made outside of Rentle (e.g. in person using cash), you should manually refund the payment to your customer. Rentle makes automatic refunds only when the payment has been made in Rentle's online checkout. However, to keep your accounting reports up to date, you should mark the manual refunds also in Rentle.


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