How to activate online payments

Read our step-by-step to activating your online payments below. You'll need to have at least one payment method activated to be able to accept bookings from your online store. 

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How to activate Rentle Payments

How to activate third-party provider payments

How to activate manual payments 


How to activate Rentle Payments 

1. Navigate to Account -> Payments

2. Scroll down to a section called Rentle Payments

3. Click on Complete setup

4. A dialog will open, requiring you to fill the following details: 

  • Legal business name
  • Business email
  • Country your business is registered in
  • Currency you business accepts payments with


5. Click on Continue to verification

6. You'll be redirected to our payment partner to continue verification and you'll need to fill in details for the following 3 sections: 


1. Company details

  • Company registration number, phone number, email and address
  • Company phone number
  • Company document to verify your business


2. Bank details

  • Your payouts will be sent to this bank account. You are able to change the bank account later if needed. 
  • Name on bank account, country & currency code and IBAN for payouts
  • Bank document: Bank statement or online banking screenshot with bank logo, your account number and name clearly visible. 



3. UBO & Signatory details

  • Personal details of owner & signatory: Name, Date of birth, Country, address
  • ID Document to verify your identity: a color scan or photo of either a Passport, Government issued ID or Driver's license. 


7. Once you have submitted the details in step 6, you'll be immediately able to start accepting payments. Your payouts will be blocked until your details are succesfully verified. 

8. Your final step is to decide and enable your preferred payment methods: 

    • Under Payments and the Rentle Payments section you'll see toggles for the available payment methods. 
    • Switch the toggles on for your preferred payment methods.

9.  Next, learn how you get paid after receiving payments. 

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How to activate third-party provider payments 

1. Navigate to Account -> Payments

2. Scroll down to a section called Third-party providers

3. From your preferred third-party provider click on Connect (E.g. Connect stripe) 

4. You'll be redirected to the payment provider to connect or create an account. 

Note: When connecting Stripe with Rentle, Stripe requires you to create a new account to connect with your Rentle account. You can manage multiple Stripe accounts with the same user. 


How to activate manual payments 

1. Read our article: Manual payment methods to learn how they work. 

2. Navigate to Account -> Payments

3. Scroll down to a section called Manual Payment methods

4. Activate the Pay in-store option or create your custom payment method by clicking Add payment method


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